Getting Started

It’s late January 2013 (MLK Jr. & Inauguration Day, to be exact) and, with the help of my wife’s gaming cohort “Vando” (Jeremy VanDomelen), I am putting together the contents of this webpage. It’s very exciting as this has been in the works for a few months now. Happy to finally be getting it up (shut it, Smores!). It’s also very exciting to be starting a brand new story–not knowing what it will become and where I will take it (or where it will take me). And there’s also a welcome return next week to the Downtown Writer’s Center with two classes I’ll be teaching. The interest in and turnout for my current class, The Writer’s Life, has been overwhelming and heartening. So much so that I’ve been asked to offer it again in the springtime. So for those of you who wanted, but didn’t get the chance, to take it this winter, you’ll have the opportunity again in three short months. It’s always invigorating to be around others, like myself, who are in love with the written word and equally in love with talking and learning about it.

But perhaps the most exciting time for a writer is when they’re waiting for word back on a submission. I’ve had the good fortune recently to be in the final round of consideration for an Australian magazine. At this particular publication a submission goes through a three-round process. If the piece makes it to the third round it’s deemed “publishable” and if the magazine can find the perfect place for it within a certain timeframe, they will do just that. Still, there are very slim odds even at this late stage (about 1-in-20 “third stage” stories make the mag). Another story, my newest and current favorite baby (Eden Succeeding), is just beginning to make the rounds on the genre magazine circuit. Since I always start by sending stories to the biggest magazines where the content might fit in, the wait to hear back from these publishing giants is always fraught with anxiety. That is at least until the rejection letter comes back instead of a contract. It’s something that, though I’m very well-acquainted, never ceases to hold a bit of a sting. Thick skin, people. It’s part of being a writer. A big part.

That’s it for now. Still more work to do. Thanks for coming and visiting with me. Drop me a line if you’d like and I’ll be happy to chat with you.


  1. Wow! Page looks great. It’s been a long time coming. Looking forward to seeing your most recent work up on these pages. Cheers!

    • Just awesome Del.
      Congratulations on all the success I know is coming your way.

  2. Thanks so much you two! Normally I’d take the praise with a grain of salt because you’re both family members but, what the heck, times are tough so I’ll take all praise equally. Thanks again.

  3. Del the site looks AMAZING! I know it’s been your dream for years and years to become famous. I hope for that really. You are awesome! ~Mary (Smores)

    • Famous? That would be very nice. But I’ll settle for just crafting good stories. Fame is a fickle beast and not for everyone I’m sure. I think I’d be quite content just having my son be proud of me someday. Thank you, though. That was very sweet. Now how can I utilize some of your photographic talents to make me look a little more like a hip, cool writer?

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