New Beginnings

Well, still peddling my newest story around. Time passes so slowly with the submission process. Just have to let it play out though and be dilligent in re-submitting. All the rejection you receive during the process with either kill you or force you to be militantly pro-you. The worst part about it is that you have this finshed story you want to show off and you can’t do it yet. In the meantime, I’m on to another story. In writing, just like in life sometimes, it’s important to move on. It’s the opposite of Alce Baldwin’s speech in Glengarry Glen Ross: Instead of “A-B-C: Always Be Closing” it’s “A-B-S: Always Be Starting”. (We have David Mamet to thank for that bon mot.)

My classes at the DWC are wrapping up this week as well. Slight change: I’ll be offering a follow-up to The Writer’s Life instead of offering an encore of that class. The Writer’s Life II: Introduction to Workshop will begin Tuesday April 23rd for all those interested. Be prepared to bring in some work for critiquing though. But don’t be afraid, we’re not too harsh at this point. Just learning the ropes.

As always, I’ll let you know of any updates with Eden Succeeding or any of my other stories and I’ll eventually get that pesky podcast of Beba Daio’s Prayers up and working. Happy Easter to everyone!


  1. My apologies for not getting with Vando on the podcast. I’ll try and make it a priority this weekend. Hopefully he’s got some free time.

    How’s that next story coming?

    • It’s coming along nicely–thanks for asking. I’ve noticed it’s keeping me busy enough to neglect my blogging duties on this website. Keep busy, that’s a good thing, right?

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