Publication Day… again!

Well, it’s been a long wait for Eden Succeeding, 2014 CNY Book of the Year nominee, to find its way back into print since its original publisher went out of business just 6 months after its release (I assume no responsibility!) but thanks to the folks over at Phase 5 Publishing its available again across all sorts of platforms (in ebook form & hard copy) as part of the anthology “3 Tales of Horror”. It’s set to get it’s own solo release when a suitable piece of cover art can be decided upon. So for now I’ll just have to settle for its inclusion in the anthology. Great news as this is an expanded edition of the story, fleshed out to true novella length, with 25-30% more story. Thanks to Phase 5 for getting it back out there!

I’m currently awaiting word from a distinguished publisher on my latest novella. They’ve been giving it a good long look, which is encouraging. In the meantime I continue to craft smaller stories for a planned collection of short work to include all the aforementioned novellas, selected older pieces, as well as plenty of new stuff. I just keep pushing forward and writing until I run out of ideas. It feels good to have a few fresh ones I’m excited to tell.

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