An eventful couple of weeks

Things have been moving quite nicely on the writing front. My classes at the Downtown Writers Center are full of wonderful, interested, driven students and I greatly enjoy going there to teach them and sharing some time with them. That goes for my colleagues at the DWC as well who I’ve had the good fortune of working with and seeing the last couple of Friday nights for their great (and free) visiting author series. I’ve also recently come into contact with another group of gifted writers to share my writing journey with. And today has run a story on me (thanks Casey Rose Frank for the insightful questions!) which you can read here:

In addition, my novella Eden Succeeding (available in the anthology “3 Tales of Horror” from Phase 5 Publishing ) has become available for download and purchase across a few more platforms. It’s now available from:

So it’s been a fun, eventful week or two here at Casa de DelGuercio. Now to get back to some actual writing. Happy reading!

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