Tully Junior/Senior High Visit

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Special thanks to Stacia Derdzinski and all the students and faculty at Tully Junior/Senior High School for welcoming me wonderfully to their school! Stacia was very accommodating, meeting any needs I had for my author visit and the kids were great to talk to and asked some incisive questions. They are starting the process of creating their own pieces of short fiction and I have no doubt they’re going to come up with some really engaging work.

Some quotes from the students:

“I think Mr. DelGuercio’s visit was really inspiring and calming. I think this because he told us we don’t have to be a perfect student and we don’t have to have a lot experience to write amazing stories.”
“I learned that everything in your mind can be unique, and you just don’t know it yet. I learned to write what you want to write and not what other people want you to write.”
“I thought it was pretty cool because you don’t have to speak, you can just write.”
“I thought he was helpful and his tips helped a lot. I like that he was out and open as he was telling us the tips and things he had experienced as a writer. I learned not to be afraid while writing, just go for it and see what you can do, and if you like it.”
I thought it was cool meeting an author because he is in a profession I hadn’t considered. I learned that being an author is a job I might consider.”
“It was quite surprising when he said to write anything and not be careful with it. Please do this for the 8th graders next year. Mr. DelGuercio was very inspiring!”
“I think you should bring in an author again because it helps you have background knowledge about what writing is like from someone else’s point of view. It made me realize you don’t have to be perfect from the start!”
“I’ve never really known how to come up with a story. After his visit I am more confident about my stories.”
“I liked the way he took writing and turned it into something different (clay and pottery) to help us understand the process more.”



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