I’m A Slave To The Voices In My Head

Been a while since I’ve posted here. My apologies. Been a trying, busy, sometimes harrowing year. A lot of personal crisis and a lot of change came my way these past 12 months. I’m growing stronger from the ordeals though, because I’m surviving. Surviving and moving forward. And if I had any doubts before as to whether I was truly a writer in my soul, those doubts have been answered with a resounding, “YES! You are indeed a writer!” because amidst all this turmoil, I wrote. I wrote from my personal experiences, beginning my first ever NON-fiction book. A survival guide of sorts. It’s a cathartic, therapeutic process and in the end I’m left with a written account that might help someone else get through a similar situation to mine. I began adapting my last novella into a bonafide YA novel. Finally, and most exciting, a collection of my short fiction was accepted by a publisher to be made into a paperback book. It’s been a lifelong dream of mine since I watched used to watch anthology TV shows like “The Twilight Zone” & “The Outer Limits” and I read books like Stephen King’s “Night Shift” collection and Harlan Ellison’s “Dangerous Visions” that I would create enough words and stories to fill a book. And it appears now I actually have. According to my publisher the stories alone will be about 70,000 words and there will several thousand more words detailing how the stories came to be. The tentative title was to be  “Cat ‘O’ Nine Tales” (which I thought extremely clever when there was only nine stories included). But now it’s looking like there will be about a dozen or so and I have no idea what kind of pithy title I’m going to come up with for that. “Cat ‘O’ Twelve Tales” doesn’t necessarily have the same ring to it. I’m open to suggestions.

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