BÉBA DAIO’S PRAYERS – A failing New Orleans store owner calls on a local voodoo priestess to help his business. But at what cost?

CATCH THE STARWAY PASS, PUT IT IN YOUR POCKETOn a solitary planet at the edge of nowhere, an ostracized young man is the only hope for a society that yearns to be connected with the rest of the universe. But not everyone on Exoterra wants further human expansion.

EDEN SUCCEEDINGA colony of humans is stranded on a distant planet whose essence slowly infects the group. A faction of the colony has a plan to stem the infection and one man must decide which side he falls on.

EVERYONE’S GOT PROBLEMS – Can a self-absorbed man magically rid himself of a myriad of problems with the help of a mysterious friend . . . and his strange fruit?

I AM TELLIS MOORE – A lovelorn man searches the cosmos for his wife, or her exact facsimile.

JESUS CHRIST SUPERSIZE –  A middle-aged woman meets a Messianic figure in the desert and gives him a ride. He returns the favor.

KINGS – When an advanced race takes over then abruptly departs the Earth, they leave mankind with some sobering questions.

MAN FARM – A narrator reminisces about the day he received a beloved childhood toy.

MEN, MONSTERS & MAKERS: THE DIVINE COUPLET OR: EVEN DEITIES GET THIRSTYGod and Lucifer appear separately when called, with surprising results.

METAL WITH ME – When the flesh is failing what is there to do? Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade, until…

THE MYTHIC PIXECIDE – Someone old enough to remember the truth pulls back the sheet on the origins of a blood-spattered urban legend.

UNBREAKABLE YU – A brutal, gene-splicing pimp, a teenaged prostitute, and a prizefighting hybrid arrive on the planet New Wynd attempting to make a name for themselves in a renown gladiatorial competition.