fiction-K3cover-247x300MetalWithMe1This began as a weekend exercise in flash-fiction and morphed into poetry. I use the term “poetry” very loosely as I am anything but a poet. That said, I did want to infuse my words with a consistent rhyme scheme and a flow which poetry is sometimes written in. It set up some rules for me to adhere to and gave the piece its form. I liked “Metal With Me” enough to send it out. To my great surprise the Irish magazine Ballista as well as the United States’ own Kaleidotrope liked it, too. Being chronically impatient I submitted to them simultaneously (I was asked not to). It was accepted by both publications and I faced the unenviable task of emailing Ballista, declining the honor of appearing in their magazine, and fessing up to my indiscretion. They were far kinder to me than I deserved.

The idea for “Metal With Me” arose from the numerous doctors’ and hospital visits I was forced to make when my father’s health was failing near the end of his life. It seemed like they were swapping out so many parts inside him that I wondered the effect all this might have on his soul/essence/consciousness or what ever you want to call it. I mean, what happens to you when you’re more man-made than you are man? “Metal With Me” was published in the September 2007 issue of Kaleidotrope.