Groundswell_01_highres“Eden Succeeding”. My latest story. Over two years from seed and eight months in the writing. I’ve worked longer and harder on this one than any that came before it and I think (hope) it shows. Many thanks to the accomplished writer and editor Megan Davidson for her generosity in helping me see this one with new eyes when I was too close to the material. After finding a temporary home at Twenty or Less Press in the summer of 2014 it has found a brand new shiny home with Phase 5 Publishing this winter. If you like the work of Ray Bradbury I think you’ll dig this sour little morsel about abandoned settlers facing a type of extermination. I’ve read short excerpts of this at various events around Syracuse last year and it was even nominated for a CNY Book of the Year Award as well. Check it out at one of these retailers in either paperback or ebook formats!