ChrisChristopher L. DelGuercio writes when it’s quiet and teaches whenever he can, to anyone who’ll listen. He does this in (seemingly) eternally snowy upstate New York. His name and particular brand of “fantastic fiction” has appeared in such magazines as Kaleidotrope and OG’s Speculative Fiction; in the themed anthologies Forbidden Speculation and Tabloid Purposes IV; and on the net in the webzines: Allegory; Blood, Blade & Thruster; Chaos Theory: Tales Askew; Fried Fiction; Parade of Phantoms; Quantum Muse; Space Westerns and, with some inspiration, cooperation, and a whole lot of work, he’ll appear in more. Or at least that’s what he keeps telling himself. His newest not-so-short story, Every Good Stud Comes To His Senses, is available to read for a limited time at the webzine TQR : Total Quality Reading ( His new ebook, Eden Succeeding, from Phase 5 publishing ( ) is available everywhere. See below!