1380263_10201601908121988_73051524_nCOME IN AND KNOW ME BETTER, MAN!

Welcome, friend. My name is Chris and I make stuff up. No, no–when you’re a kid it’s called ‘making stuff up’. If you’re grown it’s called ‘storytelling’. I’ll start again: My name is Chris and I’m a storyteller. I’ve been a storyteller for as long as I can remember. A pretty good one, I think. Some time ago I discovered that I wanted to write my stories down. This would make me a writer. It was about this same time that I discovered, though I may be a decent storyteller, I was not a very good writer. There was so much to learn. So I read stories that people wrote . . . and I studied books about writing that people wrote . . . and finally, I actually wrote. I wrote a lot. Let me say that again…

I wrote a lot.

In order to be a good (or bad) writer, one must write. It’s right there in the word ‘writer’. A writer is “one who writes”. Writers can not just talk the talk like everybody else, they must walk the walk. The words must be there. They are your proof, if only to yourself. Writing must be an unremovable part of you. Oh, and it helps if you like to do it; it’s to your great advantage if you enjoy creating characters and playing with words and concocting plots and questioning everything. As it was said about the late Isaac Asimov, he saw a blank page and wanted only to fill it up. I wrote whenever I could find the time. And when I couldn’t find the time, I stole the time. And when I couldn’t do either of those, I made the time. To the writing gods, time must be your foremost sacrifice.

Then I read a lot more stories. And I studied a lot more books. And I listened to them. I always listened. I’m not too sure how good a writer I am now, but I know that I am better than I was. To paraphrase Keats, that is all I really know, and all I need know.

Many of the following stories I would classify as “juvenile fiction”. Not because they were written for a younger audience but, rather, because I was at a juvenile stage in my evolution as a writer when I produced them and they were chosen for publication. They are deeply flawed, imperfect things, like everything else that has ever existed, and yet I can not overstate the importance of them. Without having completed these stories, I would not have grown at all as a writer. Besides, they begged me to let them out into the light, and I’m nothing if not a slave to my inner voices.

For the uninitiated, I write in the realms of the fantastic: speculative fiction (or “science” fiction, if you prefer); horror; fantasy of the dark and light varieties, and every shade in-between. The philosophic and the absurd, the sardonic, the surprising, the taboo–it all appeals to me.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to work with some truly gifted writers and editors, too many to name, who have taught me much. I genuinely thank them all. I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing my stories appear in various publications across various mediums. These publications have paid me the compliment of actually paying me. For things I made up! This has made me a rich man (in ways that have nothing whatsoever to do with money).

My name is Christopher L. DelGuercio, and I am a writer. These are some of the stories that I’ve written down so far. Hopefully there are many, many more to come. Read them if you’d like. They used to be for me. Now they’re for you, if you’ll have them.