imagesCA9O2DC8This section will be reserved for current happenings, kind of like a blog, but who knows? At the very least it should be informative for the neophyte authors among you. Well, here goes…

Thanks To Baker High!

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I want to thank Baker High School, Mike Pope, and his honors classes for having me speak at their school today. I had a great time with the students and I hope I can visit with them again sometime!

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I’m A Slave To The Voices In My Head

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Been a while since I’ve posted here. My apologies. Been a trying, busy, sometimes harrowing year. A lot of personal crisis and a lot of change came my way these past 12 months. I’m growing stronger from the ordeals though, because I’m surviving. Surviving and moving forward. And if I had any doubts before as to whether I was truly a writer in my soul, those doubts have been answered with a resounding, “YES! You are indeed a writer!” because amidst all this turmoil, I wrote. I wrote from my personal experiences,...

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East Syracuse Minoa visit

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Special thanks to Katie Feulner and all the students at East Syracuse Minoa High School for having me in their library for a visiting author presentation last week. They were gracious hosts and I enjoyed every minute of talking with them. Looking forward to seeing some of them in the Young Authors Academy on Saturdays! Met one very promising young author in particular.

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Tully Junior/Senior High Visit

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                              Special thanks to Stacia Derdzinski and all the students and faculty at Tully Junior/Senior High School for welcoming me wonderfully to their school! Stacia was very accommodating, meeting any needs I had for my author visit and the kids were great to talk to and asked some incisive questions. They are starting the process of creating their own pieces of short fiction and I have no doubt they’re going to come up with some...

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Visiting local CNY schools

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I’m happy to announce I’ll be setting up a tour of the CNY school districts as a visiting author/speaker. My first visit will be to the lovely Tully school district to make a presentation to Mrs. Derdzinski’s 8th grade English students. Can’t wait to meet and hopefully inspire them!

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New life in Eden (yet again)!

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After a tumultuous last several months in my personal life things are finally settling down a little and my sanity is (almost) restored. One new thing to report is that Eden Succeeding is finally getting it’s much talked about SOLO release from Phase 5 Publishing. They’re going all out to promote it and I can’t thank editor Rebecca Ledford enough for all the help. It’s available on Amazon, Goodreads, and the Phase 5 website (links below). I’ve been able to complete a few other short stories for an upcoming...

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An eventful couple of weeks

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Things have been moving quite nicely on the writing front. My classes at the Downtown Writers Center are full of wonderful, interested, driven students and I greatly enjoy going there to teach them and sharing some time with them. That goes for my colleagues at the DWC as well who I’ve had the good fortune of working with and seeing the last couple of Friday nights for their great (and free) visiting author series. I’ve also recently come into contact with another group of gifted writers to share my writing journey with. And...

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Publication Day… again!

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Well, it’s been a long wait for Eden Succeeding, 2014 CNY Book of the Year nominee, to find its way back into print since its original publisher went out of business just 6 months after its release (I assume no responsibility!) but thanks to the folks over at Phase 5 Publishing its available again across all sorts of platforms (in ebook form & hard copy) as part of the anthology “3 Tales of Horror”. It’s set to get it’s own solo release when a suitable piece of cover art can be decided upon. So for now...

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A New Day

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The waiting process is an arduous one and there’s no easy way to get through. You just have to trust that all the things the publisher is working on will get done in time and that your words will eventually be flung out there into the ether for all to read eventually. Still, it’s tough waiting. In the meantime you can either get busy writing, or get busy dying (To paraphrase Stephen King). I’ve decided to do the former and get to work on a series of very short (for me) stories which I hope to compile in a book sometime in the...

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Still waiting…

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Still in “wait mode” for Eden Succeeding to be re-published. Phase 5 Publishing is looking for the perfect artwork for the cover of my novella so I can’t fault them for taking their time. Apparently, the cover art for the hard copy anthology that Eden Succeeding will be appearing in is complete though, so that should be coming out sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed. Classes at the Downtown Writers Center start up next week as well and I’m very excited to get back to teaching. There is still room left in my...

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